DESK is a unique (very low cost) “Work From Home” ‘phone solution which places your security as its top priority.

With DESK, every work call you make from your mobile, or private home phone, will display your business’s phone number, so hides your private phone number/s

We make WFH Easy, Safe & Affordable

Working from Home is destined to be with us for a long time, in fact so long that UK Laws are being changed to make it happen.

Having a business phone line/extension at your home (or in your pocket) was never normal, but it’s now becoming essential.

VoIP phones do provide an answer, but they come at a price! – in terms of cost, time and convenience. There cannot be a single business in the land that has not been the target of a commission hungry VoIP phone sales team. Fear not, for we anticipated their arrival like a plague of locusts smell out an emerging corn crop in a desert.

WFH does not need a Hosted VoIP virtual switchboard. You don’t need more handsets, long contracts and a list of “Free” options. We all have mobiles or home phones, so just add DESK and use them. SIMPLE. There is even our optional DESK inbound call-receive service, if you need it just ask us for details

DESK : The Global Solution

When we say call from any phone, we do mean ANY phone, Anywhere (Digital Nomads take note!). When used with our UKSofa Internet service you don’t even pay extra for international calls and you have the benefit of a UK internet connection with your own unique UK Fixed IP address. Perfect for connecting to company servers or spending an evening viewing your favourite UK streaming service.

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