These are all based on real customer enquires and are regularly updated. They are based on our understanding of applicable technology and/or regulations as at the time of writing.

If you need any help on any topic related to our services please do contact us

Who are we?

UKSofa is owned by CommerceCall Ltd and operated in partnership with a privately owned UK internet Service Provider (ISP) which already supplies services to the Police, NHS and even the nuclear industry. Security is a priority and they have a high critical care resilience. You’ll struggle to find better, more resilient services.

UKSofa? What’s that?

A UKSofa is an internet connection device that automatically routes your device (e.g. tablet, PC, etc) direct to our UK internet service provider. It adds a static IP address and only then do you “connect” to the internet. Meaning you are always seen to be located in the UK.

Can I watch UK television when not in the UK?

Generally yes, but this is a grey area. When in the UK, to watch or stream live or catch-up TV you must have a UK TV licence. However, when overseas you will need to have the licence issued by the relevant country, in France it’s part of the taxe d’habitation. Some countries (e.g. China and UAE) forbid or restrict what can be viewed. In the EU once you have a licence, any available television channel, (which may include some from the UK), can normally be viewed, yet “foreign” broadcasters may try to restrict availability to help them comply with their own internal contract issues (see next item). Because of the unique way UKSofa gives a UK identity, we know of no customer who has ever had their TV access requests blocked.

When abroad, why can’t I access some UK Web sites

All websites are “virtually” located in their home country and the owners are free to impose access restrictions. These can prevent a non-resident from visiting the site and downloading content. It’s a legal and very common process known as geo-blocking, but it can be very annoying if you’re on holiday from the UK.

  • Examples of geo-blocking
    • Global corporations will often have websites in many countries. As a means of generating local sales, each one can have different pricing. To avoid visitors from a higher-priced more affluent country from buying through another country’s lower-priced website, they impose geo-blocking and will commonly route the visitor to the site they want them to view.
    • Entertainment sites (including TV channels) will buy content that only licenses them to broadcast content to viewers located in pre-agreed countries. If you’re not, you may be geo-blocked.


When streaming TV, if your data speeds (or monthly allowances) are a problem you may need to view on a low resolution. Most sites have this option hidden in “settings”, yet the easiest way is to use a device like the Amazon Firestick. They allow you to fix your default resolution so you’ll never be caught out using all your allowance watching one advert on 4K UHD!

Is UKSofa a VPN?

No, but we agree it does look very similar. A VPN is a network of private servers, normally located in many countries. When you join a VPN you select a server in your chosen “exit” country, e.g. the UK. You then exit the VPN to join the internet in that country. But that’s where the similarity ends.

A VPN is designed to cloak your real location and does this by giving each of its servers an IP address. This is constantly changing and it’s also shared by multiple users (which can be thousands!). This is the main reason many VPN’s are known to give poor quality connections and why many are eventually banned from accessing popular sites.

Because every UK Sofa has its own unique static IP address and connects to the WWW at a fixed location in the UK, each UKSofa is always seen as being “located” in the UK

How many UKSofa designs do you have?

Three. The basic and original UKSofa connects via any pre-existing internet connection. It’s simple to fit and it works.
If you don’t have existing broadband, you’ll need one of our mobile data versions, the 4G or the 4GR. These are mobile Broadband Routers that we’ve adapted to incorporate UKSofa technology. To make them work you’ll also need a local mobile data SIM, preferably with unlimited data.

Can more than one person login at the same time?

Yes, it’s one of our major advantages over a VPN. In fact every UKSofa can simultaneously host as many as 20 users (time to invite the neighbours?). For commercial applications we increase users to 200. It’s also why a UKSofa is ideal for use in a teaching environment.

In which countries will a UKSofa work?

UKSofa will work anywhere in the world where there is internet connectivity. The normal exceptions are some countries where internet is restricted , such as China and certain middle east countries.

However, because we use our own proprietary tunnelling technology, and not VPNs, a UKSofa actually hides your location from the websites you visit and the applications you are using. This means you can often access normally barred, services such as TV streaming services, VoIP services and messaging apps, even in countries where access restrictions are in place.

Can you supply a non-UK (e.g. French) Data SIM.

At the moment No. We are in discussions with the main network providers in a number of countries and hope to arrange supplies later in the year .

Do I need to be a UK Resident?

No. We “tunnel” you into the UK and then connect you to the UK website you want to view. If a website needs you to pre-register to gain access, the “virtual” UK presence we give you will allow you to register as a UK “resident” yet it’s your responsibility to maintain your membership/s or other login details

I work from home and my employer monitors and restricts the internet sites I can visit. Can a UKSofa help me?

Absolutely YES! Employers increasingly use surveillance and monitoring tools such as hubstaff. They are useful yet can also take screenshots of your private use, potentially allowing them to see your private emails and details of your private contacts.

By connecting a UKSofa and using a private device (such as your phone, a laptop or tablet) all your internet use can be completely hidden from your employer. Please note: many employees embed apps on work devices that record a worker’s web activity. To ensure your activity remains private not only will you need to use a UKSofa but you will also need to use a private device for your browsing activity.

As a UKSofa passes all our browsing requests through you, does this mean you log all our web activity?

We specifically do not log any web activity. This golden rule has never been breached.  Occasionally we receive requests for information, these are always met with a requirement for the request to be backed by a valid Court disclosure order.   No such court order has ever been received thus confirming all requests are opportunistic and without foundation

What monitoring do you do and how will this help me?

We are the most active of all the ISPs in the UK. We activity monitor each connection and if a connection goes down, we are alerted to this. Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) is manned 24/7 to monitor the network and to assure quality of service.

Data Flows are monitored in real-time, allowing us in real time to track data routing round the globe enabling us to find any points of failure – FAST.