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General Terms of business for UKSofa

UKSofa is the name of a range of devices sold pre-configured to provide a fully monitored simple means of connection to a Hosted UK Internet Service account.

UK Sofa is owned by CommerceCall Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales under number 11878780, registered for VAT number 317 9865 58.

Sales of UKSofa are made via our website at www.uksofa.eu (or any other site we may authorise).

Each UKSofa Hosted UK Internet Service account is registered with a unique IP address A UKSofa connection device is pre-configured to route all internet access requests direct to the servers of our UK-based Internet Service Provider (“ISP”). Re-setting a UKSofa device will remove the configuration files and it will cease to operate. Any reset, including to factory settings will, unless undertake at our request, invalidate any warranty and any remaining rental commitments will continue. Our ISP provides a UK Hosted internet service account for every UKSofa customer, together with 24/7 monitoring of the data connection between their UK-based servers and the UKSofa devices. If the customer removes their UKSofa device from the UK, then the UKSofa will continue to access the associated Hosted Internet Service Account unless denied by local regulations or restrictions, or if a local internet connection is not available.


Method of payment is selected at time of order. It can be in Euros or UK Pounds Sterling and by bank transfer or debit/credit card payment. You may request a change of currency for payment, which will be applied at the date of your next invoice issued 30 days after the date of your change request.

Currency exchange rates for initial charges are set out on your fist invoice or on the website. For ongoing charges they may fluctuate and are provided to us by TransferWise as at the date an invoice is raised.

Costs of all UKSofa products and services are as shown on the website and, subject to the price variations below, the website price quoted on the date an order form is sent shall be the contract price.

UKSofa monthly Access Rental: Each UKSofa is provided linked to a access rental agreement. This monthly fee is invoiced monthly in advance by CommerceCall on the first day of each month. At commencement, any part-month cost and the first full month cost shall be included in the first invoice.

Each UKSofa device is configured to access the customer’s Hosted Internet Service account yet neither CommerceCall Ltd, or its ISP, cannot guarantee connection if unavailable due to local connectivity issues or governmental restrictions.

Duration of Contract

When opening a UKSofa Hosted Internet Service account, you are also agreeing to a monthly Access Rental agreement. This comes into force on the date of our acceptance of your order, or the date we invoice you for your UKSofa (if later).

The initial minimum contract requires you to pay access rental for a minimum of 6 calendar months during the 12 months period commencing at the start of the month immediately following your contract start date. . For the second and subsequent years, your Access rental commitment reduced to just 3 calendar months.

Access Rental continues on a month by month basis unless you notify us to suspend your service by the 25th day of the preceding month. You can re-activate your service on the 1st day of any month by giving us notice by the 25th of the preceding month.

You may also elect to pay for a minimum 12-month term which unless cancelled is automatically renewed on every subsequent anniversary date.

If continuing to suspend a service will mean you will not meet your minimum annual Access Rental commitment, we may re-active your service or charge you for the untaken monthly commitment.

Payment terms

These terms are to be read in conjunction with our payment terms.