“The UKSofa ‘does what it says on the tin’ and so easy to use and set up.  I shall be extolling the virtues of UKSofa far and wide”. Mr A.M: Lot, France; Oct ’21

UKSofa PRICING: From only £11.50+VAT

UKSofa: £100 set-up charge
UKSofa4G: £186 (set-up charge + Router) may vary,
Unique UK Static IP Address INCLUDED!

Annual Access Rental: £13.80/month (£11.50+VAT)
Monthly Access Rental: £17.88/month (£14.90+VAT)

Delivery : UK £nil EU £20

Friendly Terms of Use

We have tried to make our terms of business as friendly as possible

When you buy a UKSofa Box (that’s the Router/Access Point box) you’re also agreeing to open and subscribe to a UK-based Internet Account, which we link to your UKSofa Box. We call this your “Access Rental”

You can choose (a) a simple Annual (12-month) contract or (b) a monthly rental, which is subject to the following minimum commitments:

Your Access Rental commitment in Year One is any 6 calendar months and for subsequent years it’s just any 3 calendar months.


  • UK VAT at standard rate is included in our prices
  • Payment accepted in (€)Euro or (£)Sterling
  • Exchange rate: £/€ is subject to variation and based on daily commercial exchange rates

Notes: All prices quoted include VAT. Invoices for Commercial users will show any applicable VAT. You remain responsible for any cost of your local internet connection

Main Terms of Supply

  • Your contract is with CommerceCall Ltd, owners of UKSofa.
  • Point of Supply is in the UK and UK standard rate VAT applies.
  • You may supply a UK contract address or just an overseas address.
  • You are being provided with a UKSofa Box linked via a data tunnel to a UK-based UKSofa Internet account hosted by our UK Internet Service Provider which we open in your name and which allows you to connect to the internet in the UK. You remain responsible for ensuring your devices do not give conflicting location information.
  • Invoices will be sent via e-mail.
    Monthly Access rental
  • Minimum access rental is any six months in year 1.
  • On-going annual minimum access rental is any 3 months.
  • Any cost increase is limited to (UK) inflation.
  • Access Rental automatically continues unless cancelled by 25th day of the current month.
  • Access Rental is billed per calendar month commencing on 1st day of the month.
  • Access Rental re-activates, if:
    • when dormant, you tell us to re-activate, by 25th day of the preceding month
    • by not recommencing you would fail to meet your annual minimum commitment.
  • Annual Rental commitment recommences every year unless notice to end the contract is given
    Annual Access rental
  • You commit to pay for 12 consecutive calendar months
  • Annual commitment will renew unless you cancel by the 25th day of the month preceding the last full month of your existing term.
  • Any cost increase is limited to (UK) inflation
    General Terms
  • Payment by Internet banking, credit/debit card, Direct Debit ( UK bank accounts only) and standing order arrangements.
  • CommerceCall payment terms and terms of business apply
  • After-sales service line is hosted in the UK by CommerceCall
  • Router is guaranteed for 12-months.
  • Router speed is capped at 100Mbps

Business Prices are the same as for Residential users, business invoices will quote VAT

Standard Monthly Access Rental allows simultaneous use for up to 20 devices.
For up to 50 devices £30.00
For up to 100 devices £50.00
For up to 200 devices
Integration into existing LAN/WiFi £ on application

For General Terms of Business CLICK HERE