Friendly Terms of Use

We have tried to make our terms of business as friendly as possible

When you buy a UKSofa you are also agreeing to rent use of our Data Tunnel Service, we call this your “Access Rental”

Your rental commitment in Year One is any 6 calendar months.
For subsequent years it is reduced to any 3 calendar months.

Main Terms of Supply

  • Your contract is with CommerceCall Ltd, owners of UKSofa.
  • Point of Supply is in the UK and UK standard rate VAT applies
  • You may supply a UK contract address or just an overseas address
  • Invoices will be sent via e-mail.
  • Minimum access rental is any six months in year 1.
  • On-going annual minimum access rental is just 3 months p.a.
  • Any cost increase is limited to (UK) inflation.
  • Access Rental automatically continues unless cancelled by 25th day of the current month.
  • Access Rental is billed per calendar month commencing on 1st day of the month.
  • Access Rental re-activates, if:
    • when dormant, you tell us to re-activate, by 25th day of the preceding month
    • by not recommencing you would fail to meet your annual minimum commitment.
  • Annual Rental commitment recommences every year unless notice to end contract is given
  • Payment by Internet banking or credit/debit card
  • CommerceCall payment terms and terms of business apply
  • After-sales service line is hosted in the UK by CommerceCall
  • Router is guaranteed for 12-months.
  • Router speed is capped at 100Mbps


  • UK VAT at standard rate applies and is included in residential prices
  • Payment accepted in (€)Euro or (£)Sterling
  • Exchange rate: £1 = 1.10€ (subject to variation)*
    any rate amendment shall be notified on your invoice and apply on subsequent invoices.


UKSofa: £100
UKSofa4G: £180
4GR Antenna: £180
Monthly Access Rental: £17.88 (for up to 20 devices)

Phone Box Option:
UKSofa4G £25

Delivery :
EU £15

All prices include VAT and are liable to change. Effective prices are those quoted on our invoices.

UKSofa : Commercial User


Main Prices are is the same as for Residential users, business invoices will quote VAT

Monthly Access Rental:
For up to 20 devices £17.88
For up to 50 devices £30.00
For up to 100 devices £50.00
For up to 200 devices
Integration into existing LAN/WiFi £on application

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