We always love to receive customer comments, here’s a selection of those received over the last few months

“Plug and Play. Works like a dream”

My sister then sent me an Amazon Fire Stick, which I am using with the UKSofa device to watch live UK TV on the actual television. The French lockdown will now be much more bearable!

S.B France : Nov ’20

“Buying the UKSofa was our last attempt at obtaining reliable access to UK sites and UK television. I must say, it’s brilliant. Neither of the other services (NOW tv and Sky), which relied on their chosen VPN service, had worked well and now only really work if routed through our UKSofa. My wife also loves the fact she can now watch UK television on her iPad. I’m referring all my expat friends”

The UKSofa box is fantastic, it’s really easy to install, with simple instructions to follow. Once turned on we can access all UK websites and TV channels from the comfort of our own sofa! Having been travelling abroad for almost 9 years, this is hands down, the best way to access unrestricted UK internet without using dodgy VPNs which are really slow/constantly buffering.  Great connection as all you need to do is select UKSofa WiFi; perfect and simple!

User of basic UKSofa –

Great to be able to access all UK websites whilst abroad using UKSofa. It’s been easy set up and the connection is good, with very helpful customer service!

User of basic UKSofa

As a teacher in many British International schools I can see it being an invaluable teaching aid, particularly as 30 students can log-in together to access the same (or even different) UK websites. A great product.

User of basic UKSofa