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100% UK Internet

when overseas
When Overseas

Travel anywhere; stay connected to the UK. Watch iPlayer, Netflix, Sky and more – like you never left your UK Sofa.

One Click

...and you're back in the UK

Take your UKSofa box with you when you travel – anywhere in the world! – and with one click you’ll be able to watch whatever UK-based TV or streaming service you want. Full access to BBC iPlayer, your entire Amazon Prime Video & Netflix catalogues, even unrestricted access to websites.

No VPNs. No slow speeds. Just the internet you’re used to – as if you’d never left your sofa in the UK.

Missing Home Comforts?

Never Leave Your UK sofa


Worldwide Access

Missing the comforts of home? With UKSofa, you can access everything you’re used to. Your screen’s appearance and your device’s capabilities will be precisely the same as if you were physically located in the UK. If you could visit a website when in the UK, you’ll still be able to visit that same website from wherever you may be in the World.


UK TV & Streaming

Freedom to access the UK accounts of streaming services when overseas was withdrawn when the UK left the EU. And VPN providers no longer guarantee access. Only UKSofa gives you a genuine UK presence so you safely and legally retain full access to all UK Free-to-Air TV channels and all your UK streaming service accounts.


Simple To Use

Using any existing local internet service, you simply plug your UKSofa box into your local internet router. Then, by selecting the new UKSofa WiFi network, software in your UKSofa box will automatically connect your devices to your new UK-based Internet account. And this is where all your web viewing requests are actioned. The result? 100% UK surfing – from ANYWHERE!


Fast & Secure

Every UKSofa connects to the UK using Data Tunnel technology with Peer-to-Peer Routing. This avoids speed reductions often imposed by overseas networks and ensures you have the same security levels you would experience in the UK.


Work-From-Home 😉

A UKSofa box can virtually relocate multiple overseas devices back into the UK. As each UKSofa account comes with a unique UK Fixed IP address, access to corporate private networks becomes a breeze because everyone will see “you are in the UK!”  And if you ever want to view your overseas home from the UK, control of remote CCTV,  lighting or even heating is all incredibly easy.


24/7 Fault Monitoring

You demand 100% performance, so that’s what we give you! Your UKSofa box may only be used for a few months a year but we check it for you every minute of every day. Literally. That’s over half a million times every year. No other Internet provider in the UK does this. Why do we do it? We simply call it good customer service. It means that when you arrive at your overseas property –  everything works!

3 Simple Steps


You’ll need suitable local Internet and a router. It can be Fixed line, Mobile4G or even satellite.

The internet only needs to be fast enough to handle your normal web usage and also allow “Port Forwarding” (if unsure just check if your internet can be used for remote CCTV monitoring). Port forwarding is common and is used by us to give your UKSofa the very best possible performance.

Connect your broadband’s router, by cable, to the UKSofa 
All done! To activate a remote connection to your UK-based Internet Account, just CLICK on the UKSofa SSID
Our customers Love Us

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out of 5

The UKSofa box was our last attempt at obtaining reliable access to UK sites and UK television. I must say, it’s brilliant. Neither NOW TV nor Sky had worked well until now. My wife also loves the fact she can now watch UK television on her iPad. I’m referring all my expat friends.


I’m now able to view my Amazon UK Prime library.. and several other UK-based options including catch up. I have passed your details and web site to a friend.


“SKYGo” now works on my Laptop and mobile, the first time since January (almost 6 months).


The UKSofa box is fantastic, it’s really easy to install, with simple instructions to follow. Once turned on we can access all UK websites and TV channels from the comfort of our own sofa! Having been travelling abroad for almost 9 years, this is hands down, the best way to access unrestricted UK internet without using dodgy VPNs which are really slow/constantly buffering.  Great connection as all you need to do is select UKSofa WiFi; perfect and simple!


Everything is now working as promised, thank you. Both Netflix and Amazon are working and showing UK content. iPad, MacBook Pro, iMac and both mobiles are all connected via WiFi to the UKSofa.


“We are getting close to 100mbps, which is quite remarkable. We have been able to watch iPlayer, Netflix and live BBC television without any problems.”


Choose the UKSofa that's the most comfortable for you

UKSofa | UKSofa 4G

Annual £13.80 per month

+ One-time Account Configuration (£100 UK Sofa/£186 UKSofa 4G)

Fixed price for life. No Annual Increases.

Monthly £17.88 per month

+ One-time Account Configuration (£100 UK Sofa/£186 UKSofa 4G)

Low Minimum Rental Commitment: 6 months in Year 1, then 3 months p.a.
  • UK-based Internet Account 
  • Unique UK Fixed IP Address
  • UKSofa Box or UKSofa4G Mobile Router*
  • Plug ‘n’ Play Design
  • Connection & Power Cables
  • Data Tunnelling to UK
  • 27/7 Fault Monitoring
  • Connect up to 20 devices
  • Free delivery in the UK (Worldwide at cost)

All prices stated are inclusive of UK VAT charged at 20%

*UKSofa4g requires local data SIM | UKSofa requires a local broadband connection and Router

"Bingo. Everything works. I am cancelling my Express VPN subscription, and will be telling my Brit friends of your product. Thank you."

Join the hundreds of expats & frequent travellers delighted with UKSofa

"Having been travelling abroad for almost 9 years, this is hands down the best way to access unrestricted UK internet without using dodgy VPNs"