The UK-based Internet Service accessible from ANYWHERE!


To align with new post-Brexit requirements,


Monthly rental starts at just £11.50 (+VAT)
Compared to 2020 costs that's equal to
11 weeks for FREE!


(1) All UKSofa customers now have their own internet account hosted by our UK-based Internet Service Provider (ISP).

(2) UKSofa routers now work as Access Points, to give you worldwide "local" access to your own UK-based internet service.

(3) UKSofa now routes data over an increasing number of premium Peer-to-Peer data routing services. Already covering all of France and Luxembourg, more are due to added throughout 2021.

Overseas and missing "home"?

Don't worry, at UKSofa we start by providing you with your own UK-based internet account. It's just like a normal UK internet service yet to allow you to travel, it's hosted by us and you gain access via a specially configured UKSofa that travels with you!

Working like a WiFi extender (or Access Point) your UKSofa connects direct to YOUR UK Internet Service, meaning you can continue to browse and surf - from anywhere. Just like you did when last at home on your own UK sofa!

Need to work yet hide you're away from your UK desk?

Using your UKSofa you can link numerous devices to your own UK-based internet account. These will show your unique UK IP address, confirming to every site you visit that you're browsing from a genuine UK located internet account. And if you want a business phone on your (overseas) desk, just consider adding our phone option and make calls showing your UK work number.

UKSofa is NOT a VPN!

A VPN routes you into the UK from your overseas location by giving you a false UK identity. This can deceive the sites you visit meaning you can access websites (such as UK TV sites) that would otherwise be legally blocked. Website owners and regulators already spend significant sums protecting access to their sites by finding and blocking these false IP addresses. In our opinion, in a post-Brexit world, this activity can only increase.

A UKSofa is designed to act as an "Access Point", allowing you to connect all your devices direct to your legitimate UKSofa UK internet account, with its own genuine static UK IP address. Meaning all your UK browsing and streaming remains incredibly simple as well as being completely legal.


As a UK Premium Internet Service Provider, our routing partner is passionate about quality. This is why we route our customers over direct "Peer-to-Peer" private circuits. It removes multiple points of failure and gives you the highest possible level of service resilience.

The UKSofa box is fantastic, it's really easy to install……'s allowed us to continue to access all our normal UK websites and TV channels from the comfort of our own (overseas) sofa!

Relaxing on the sofa in your French Gite, or staying in a rented Spanish apartment, can be very relaxing; but something is missing.
No UK Internet. No access to live UK TV, just the normal catch-up channels or shortened news sites.

Websites can be blocked, limited, or converted to the local "foreign" format. But not when you connect to your UK internet account, for then you'll actually be surfing - in the UK!

Our Product Range

The UKSofa you need will depend on the type of local internet (if any!) you have at your overseas location. There are 3 options:
This is the original product. For this one you need to have an existing local internet service. It's simple to install and so small it fits in a pocket when you travel.
UKSofa 4G
No Internet? No problem! Just source a local data SIM card and slot it into this 4G version. It's a router that connects you to the UK via your local mobile internet and it's pre-coded to provide all UKSofa services.
UKSofa 4GR
The "R" stands for remote (location). If you have no local fixed-line internet and only a poor mobile signal, then you'll probably need this powerful beast. We have put a UKSofa into a parabolic dish antenna (similar to a TV satellite dish). It can link you to a mobile mast some 5-10km away.
UKSofa Phone
All UK sofas are able to host a standard BT style phone handset. It comes complete with a standard UK landline phone number with your choice of STD code. Fully secured and great for chatting between the UK and your overseas home.
UKSofa - for Guests
Designed specifically for Hotels and Holiday parks. Your guests simply select the UKSofa WiFi option and they access the entire UK internet, just as if they're at home. As the hotel or site owner you attract visitors and increase the popularity of your WiFi facility.

Who are we?

A small and compact team, but when  the whistle blows, or if a customer has a problem, we move fast.

Does everything

Ex-forces and wheelchair Rugby specialist. Set him on a task and you know it will be done


    Director and Product designer

    Travels regularly to France yet not speaking French very well he needed access to web sites in English - so he designed UKSofa


      The office rottweiler!

      The dog whistle is for real! When we hear it, we run!!

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