To open a Hosted UK Internet Service account, complete with a UKSofa for remote access, please complete this form.

This will be acknowledged by CommerceCall, who will arrange for your Hosted account to be opened by our Internet Service Provider (“ISP”). Your chosen
UKSofa will also be configured.

Once confirmed by our ISP we’ll invoice you for the set-up fee and for your chosen monthly Access Rental charges. Our base currency is GBP (£) yet for convenience payment can be accepted in EUR (€) and paid by Direct Debit, Card payment or (for speed of set-up/dispatch) by Bank Transfer. All details are found on our invoices.

On receipt of your payment we will endeavour to open your new internet account and dispatch your
UKSofa within 2 working days.

If you have any queries you may contact us on 01202 367292