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Two simple solutions depending on your setup

1. UKSofa: for when you have existing local internet

The UKSofa Box is connected by cable to your existing broadband router. You’ll gain instant access to your UK Hosted internet account, both via the sockets in the UKSofa Box and also via a new WiFi network address (SSID) called “UKSofa-xxxx”

2. UKSofa 4G: for when you have no existing broadband

If you can use a mobile phone at your site, but have no fixed line Broadband, this version will give you Broadband as well as direct access to your UK internet account. It works because our 4G routers have very powerful internal antennae (4-5 times stronger than a mobile phone). You’ll need to source a local data SIM card but once done you’ll receive all the benefits of the standard UKSofa Box.

Need more information? Check out our How It Works page where you can learn more about UKSofa and read our FAQ. 


Rules of Use

Users can be Individuals or Businesses

Use is subject to the following restriction:

UKSofa Box, when connected to your account with our UK-based ISP, gives you unrestricted UK Internet access. If you access sites that require membership, or some other form of pre-access authorisation, you remain responsible for arranging such access rights. Our responsibility is to link you to the UK internet account we provide in your name. Connectivity can never be guaranteed, as we often have limited control over global data links, yet we always monitor your UKSofa Box’s connectivity (to the UK ISP) on a continuous 24/7 basis, thus minimising any downtime.


Your billing address will be the delivery address you provide on your order request yet you may elect to provide us with a separate UK billing address.


Bills will be sent by e-mail to the e-mail address you shall provide.


UKSofa works across the EU, in Africa, America and many other countries, yet may not work in countries (such as Russia or China) where local regulations restrict or prohibit internet connectivity.