What is a UKSofa

UKSofa is a range of internet connection devices. Each one is pre-programmed to route you to your internet service account with our Internet Service Provider (“ISP”) who then connects you to the internet in the UK. It’s unique.

By first connecting your UKSofa to your local (overseas) internet, when you then connect any device to the UKSofa, by WiFi or cable, you will find you’re browsing the web via your new UK Internet service, so it really is identical to browsing the internet when on your own sofa in the UK!

This is a picture showing a typical set-up of the basic UKSofa

With a UKSofa you will automatically access normal UK internet when using any suitable device, such as a smart TV, Tablet, Smart Phone or PC.

UKSofa is not a VPN; think of your UKSofa box or router as a WiFi extender or Access Point linked to your existing UK Internet service.

  • Multiple users can connect at any time and for no extra fee.
  • Each UKSofa has a UNIQUE fixed UK IP address that you’ll keep for your UKSofa’s life; allowing you to be recognised and welcomed by the sites you re-visit.
  • As a UK registered internet account holder, continuous connectivity is assured.

User safety is our priority. To help we include the option to restrict access to gaming and adult-content sites.

Exceptional Service

Using data tunnel technology we can provide remote support. This includes 24/7 connectivity monitoring. If your UKSofa experiences an unexpected disconnection, we’ll know about it and often fix problems before users have even known there was an issue.

UKSofa Phone

Because many people like the convenience of a fixed-line phone in their holiday home, if you choose to order the optional UKSofa phone-box, we provide you with a fully operational UK number, with your choice of STD code.

You can make/receive calls just as if you were still in the UK – great for friends as they can then call you (and you can call them) at low UK to UK rates.

Diverting calls made to your UK home is also easy – and very low cost. You simply activate a call-divert from your UK home to your UKSofa‘s phone number and everyone, including prospective burglars, will think you’re still at home!

Product Range

Our UKSofa comes in 3 versions. Your choice is wholly dependant on the availability of internet at your location.

UKSofa works across Europe and beyond, yet needs access to local internet. There are 3 standard install situations, they are listed below.

1. UKSofa: for when you have existing local internet

The UKSofa router is connected by cable to your existing broadband router. You’ll gain instant access to your UK internet Service (hosted by us), both via the sockets in the UKSofa and also via your new WiFi network address (SSID) called “UKSofa”

2. UKSofa 4G: for when you have no existing Broadband

If you can use a mobile phone at your site, but have no Broadband, this version will give you Broadband as well as direct access to your UK internet service. It works because our 4G routers have very powerful internal antennae (4-5 times stronger than a mobile phone). You’ll need to add a local data SIM card but once done you’ll receive all the benefits of the standard UKSofa router.

3. UKSofa4GR: for areas with a poor mobile signal

When mobile signals are poor (e.g. one bar outside and nothing internally) we supply a very powerful external antenna.
This attaches to a normal UKSofa4G router. In tests it has increased a poor signal speed by a factor of 5 to give performance speeds similar to those available with super-fast Broadband.

Hide your Location
We know that many users buy a UKSofa to disguise the fact they are not in the UK. Not for illegal reasons but to allow them to be seen to work in the UK office when actually overseas In fact our Phone option even allows you to make calls that will display your number as that of your existing UK business (subject to strict authorisation rules).

Rules of Use

Users can be Individuals or Businesses

Use is subject to the following restriction:

UKSofa allows you to access all the websites that will be available to you via your UK-based Internet Service account with us. If you access sites that require membership or some other form of pre-access authorisation, you remain responsible for arranging such access rights. Our responsibility is to link you to the internet account service we also provide, to give you access to the internet in the UK. Even using Peer to Peer routing we often have limited control over global data links yet we always monitor your UKSofa’s connectivity to your UK Internet Service on a continuous 24/7 basis, thus minimising any downtime to your service.

Your billing address will be the delivery address you provide on your order request yet you may elect to provide us with a separate UK billing address.

Bills will be sent by e-mail to the e-mail address you shall provide.

UKSofa works across the EU, in America and many other countries, yet may not work in countries (such as Russia or China) where local regulations restrict internet connectivity.